Iran's Need Or Want For Nuclear Power

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Iran's need or want for nuclear power is a threat to neighbors in the region, and to the west. In the past months, this issue has been worked on by the international community. It has been reported that a plan has been knocked out, for Iran to work on nuclear power. This plan will implement lifting some sanctions that were in place against Iran because of its behavior in trying to develop nuclear weapons.
The Guardian a London paper, discusses how Iran is on a six month trail where they will accept limits on its nuclear program to get sanction relief. The relief comes from the unfreezing of Iran's assets aboard. Four point two billion in Iranian oil sales revenue unblocked, one billion repatriated from petrochemical sales; a possible 500 million in earnings now that they can import automotive parts to help their automotive industry. Plus another 400 million released to help pay for Iranian students abroad.
The paper also reported on what France's foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said that there will be a meeting in December to cover what sanctions will be lifted imposed by European countries and that they will need wide approval. The paper covered which countries where in the deal, who will be doing the inspections, and with this deal Iran can start earning trust again.
One major issue is the security of Israel and the articles discussed that Fabius tried to reassure Israel that France had their back. Israel does not feel comfortable with this deal and is sending a team to the United States to discuss the Iran deal.
The Wall Street Journal also wrote a story on the Iranian deal. It covered the sanction reliefs and the amount of money Iran would really get. The difference in the Wall Street Journal is that it paints a picture that Iran is really not going to benefit much from this deal in the six months. They tell it in their title according to Cohen (2013) " We’re Not Easing Sanctions on Iran Tehran will be deeper in the hole six months from now. Here's why" (p 1. ). The article clarifies that the four point two billion will be installments not one lump sum. On the one billion repatriated from petrochemical sales and possible 500 million from the automotive industry is if they can find consumers to purchase their vehicles and petrochemical products. This article covers more on the