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Irish to the US
AP Human Geography
Miyah Davis & Claire Leon

Who was involved/who had to migrate
- Irish immigrants
- famine struck the potato fields in 1840’s
- suspicious American Protestants
- Anti-Catholic mobs attacked
Catholic schools and conveys
- were shunned and denied work Voluntary Migration or Forced Migration?
Irish immigration to the United States was considered voluntary and forced.
Due to the potato famine Irish people moved the US to escape disease and famine which could be considered forced migration out of Ireland.Irish immigrants to the United States were considered voluntary migrants due to the fact that they came here for economic opportunities. http://www.houseofnames. com/wiki/Irish-potato-famine


Where did it take place?
- intercontinental
- took place in the northern provinces of Ireland
- later, Catholic immigrants
- came from the southern
- provinces Irish Migration Time Period
Irish migration to the US took place in 1845-1850, during the 19th century.Irish people migrated to many different places (mainly the United States) because of the Potato
Famine. The Potato Famine was a time when potato crop failed because of late blight(a disease that destroys the leaves and the edible roots of the potato plant). About two-fifths of the population relied solely on the potato crop. About
1 million people died during the famine.

Push/Pull Factors involved

poor farming seasons limited jobs and resources escape economic hardship of Ireland men and women died of starvation and disease

- Catholic unskilled laborers found American urban centers as a good destination for work

Ravenstein’s Laws of Migration
3rd law: Long distance migrants usually move to centers of economic opportunity (urban areas)
-Irish migrants moved to the US for the economic opportunities the US promised. 8th law: Migration is mostly due to economic causes.
-Irish moved to America for the opportunities