Is Higher Education in America Really Affordable? Essay

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High cost of education fee in American college has become a hot button issue which is sparking the common concern of the general public, and most students need to think over before attending American college in recent year because of expensive fee which not only include tuition but also living expenses. The author tries to give students five golden rules for “getting a college education today in American, without creating massive debt”.
To begin with, the author says that” you need to decide whether going to college is really your best financial decision” because if you only want to make money, it would be not necessary to go to college. And he takes the Bill Gates as an example. In my opinion, I disagree with the author. First and foremost, it is really hard to find a high-paying job for graduate student recently, not to speak of the people who are not attending college. And Bill Gates is just an exception of low educational degree with high income. Secondly, nowadays college education pays more attention to raise student's self-confidence, independence and spirit of supporting oneself. And these are also play an important role in finding jobs as well as in working process. A vivid case in point is that my brother wanted to earn money as early as possible, so he chose to work instead of attending to college. Now he is very regretful, but time never comes back.
However, I agree that we need to find a job during college and choose a basic finance class at the first year of college. Because it can lessen our finance burden and help us to obtain working experience that will be helpful for our latter career life.