Isadora Duncan Research Paper

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Isadora Duncan

Angela Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco on May 26, 1877. Isadora was the youngest of 4 children Raymond, Augustin, Elizabeth and herself. Growing up her father Joseph Duncan’s financial problems as well as her parents’ divorce caused her family to be labeled as socially unacceptable. Dance was part of Isadora’s life from early on, as a child she would teach neighborhood kids to dance with her siblings and her mother encouraged her to dance.

1890 is when Isadora really began to teach and perform, “she also started her search for true dance.” In My Life (1927) Isadora said “ My life and art were born of the sea. My first idea of movement, of the dance, certainly came from the movement of the waves.” Isadoras dance style was very much like Greek. The positions in her dances were danced naturally and inspired from nature just as Greek dance was. This was the start of “a new system of dance.” Isadora started developing in June, 1895 when she left San Francisco with her mother to go to chicago.
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Instead, she got an to audition for Augustin Daly who was a producer. He hired her because he was so impressed with her talent, she went to work in his theatre in New York. She had many roles including: Mme. Pygmalion, the first faerie in A midsummer's night dream, Much ado about nothing, a spirit in The Tempest, and in Meg Merrilies she performed a gypsy dance. In 1897 she went on a tour with the company to