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End of Days Essay Outline

Thesis: Religious people encourage the fear of the end of the world is because they want to convert atheists to believe in their religion.

Reason One: Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus, and the days before Jesus comes there are many signs.

There has been more and more earthquakes happening in the world, which is a sign showing that the end is near.
Recently there was a big earthquake in Japan and in Haiti both those earthquakes killed many and they caused people to believe in a higher power or God.
There has been a war going on in Afghanistan for 12 years.

Reason Two: Islams believe in The Day of Judgement, because they believe that on that day all people will be rewarded by God, however those that do not believe will be sent to Hellfire.

For those that do not believe in Islam and died, they will not be accepted, however they will have have a painful punishment.
Those that believes in another religion will not be accepted and they will also be sent into Hellfire.
Muslims do not know when the world is going to end, however they know how it will end. In their holy book it states that the world will end when Muslims and non-Muslims break out into a war with each other.

Reason Three: Chinese religions believe that there is a judgement day, then comes reincarnation or a temporary hell.

Taoists believe that bad deeds will lead to sickness, and there was a major disease in…