Essay Isle Royale

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Isle Royale

Exercise 1: The Moose Arrive

[5.1] - The approximate size of the stable moose population is about 640.

[5.2] – The approximate maximum size the moose population attained was 850.

[5.3] Right click the graph and select “Copy View to Clipboard” and paste it here. [pic]

[5.4] - Give me the approximate years – The approximate years it took for the moose population to increase to the approximate maximum of 850 are approximately 8 – 24 years.

[5.5] - The moose population grew fastest when: The moose population grew fastest when resources were in high abundance and it was at its largest.

[5.6] Use a shape (like an arrow) to show me – The approximate carrying capacity of the
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With a decreased moose population there will be more resources for them to eat which will ultimately increase the population and more food will be available for the wolves which will also increase the population.
The moose population climb first in each cycle.
The moose population drops first in each cycling.

[6.1] – All else being equal, I think that on average, moose on an island with wolves would be healthier than those on an island without wolves because the wolves deplete the moose population significantly which result in less competition for the available food resources. The lower the moose population, the more food resources will be available which ultimately will result in a healtier and well nourished population.


|Without Wolves |With Wolves |
|Moose |Fat Store |Moose |Fat Store |
|1 |9.0 |1 |54.0 |
|2 |0.0 |2 |54.0 |