Issues In Sexuality Scholarly Vs Essay

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Issues in Sexuality: Scholarly vs. Popular Media
Tehran F. Jones
American Military University

We lived in a society where modern technology plays a big part in our day to day activities. We gather information through the use of internet and are used also to buy goods and all in all use it to make our lives easier. Social media is widely used in the business to attract customers and is even used for personal reasons in expressing or sharing ideas. However, because of the different culture and practices in our society, not all widely embrace the idea of social media and most especially on how to use it properly.
Peer Reviewed Journals Public safety and personal liberties are two of the most primary concepts ingrained in the constitution, common laws, local and national policies and international treaties and agreements. It has been part of the natural, moral and legal laws of humankind to claim three inherent rights of an individual: right to life, right to liberty and right to property. Basically, public safety and personal liberty are very much intertwined in these rights. Public safety basically means the status in a society where events that could possible endanger the safety and security of the “general public” from significant dangers, damage, harm or injury such as crimes, force majeure and man-made disasters are prevented as much as possible. Personal liberty is basically the freedom of an “individual” to live the way he chooses and as he pleases but limited by the laws and the code of conduct of the society (Business Dictionary). Whereas, public safety refers to a concept which is enjoyed by a group of individuals as a whole and the common end is for the general welfare and common good of the society, personal liberty is more concerned with the freedom of each individual such as property rights or the freedom of religion.
1. Research Findings In a research conducted by Kiran Sarma entitled “A review of research on victimization of the gay and lesbian community in Ireland”, its focal point is to conduct research regarding the hate crimes among gays and provide question as to whether or not the same research should also be conducted in our country. It was provided that the harassment and violence among gay men and lesbians were recognized and publicized. However, there are missing facts that can only be surfaced by doing empirical research. There was little information regarding victimization, as well as, the perpetrators profile regarding hate crimes in Ireland. It is ambiguous to predict as to the scope regarding cultural and social differences coming from the research findings in Ireland that might be different from other countries. It was a great challenge to create a reliable and valid research. Gathering information from the gay community can be complicated as experienced by researchers in the past where their studies alternative is through representative groups or gay-events. With regard to the degree of experiences of victimization on exceedingly visible and dynamic section of the community is totally different from the gay community all together, however, it creates apprehension among there researchers. This study concludes that a strong researched should be conducted to tackle more on the difficulties in designing a more reliable and valid research in Ireland. Taking into consideration the different views of every culture in our world regarding gays and lesbians in our community will provide great differences on how we see this issue. The research has shown that differences and difficulties. Therefore, it is empirical to create a more detailed and reliable research in order to come up with a good research findings that will help us identify the problem and come up with a solution. Another study regarding lesbians and gays was conducted regarding “Discrimination of Gays and Lesbians: A Social Justice Perspective” by Christopher W. Blackwell, et al. It tackles the reality of the