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1. How different will our lives be without the Internet?
If we did not have the internet then we would never be able to communicate as efficiently as always. News and events could take days and even up to weeks to be spread over the world but now we can know anything about the other side of the world by the click of a button.
2. What can the Internet help you do?
The internet helps us gain knowledge about whatever we want to search for. The internet can help us spread word about what we are doing and help us make a difference around the world.
3. How has the human network affected you?
It has affected me by that now my education is surrounded by technology and now we can do our assignments and connect with the school efficiently.
4. How has the Internet changed the way we learn?
We now can know knowledge from other people and from different places of the earth. For the people that cannot go to classes and do not have the time have the ability to stay home and take online classes.
5. How has the Internet changed the way we communicate?
Now we can instantly message someone that is on the other side of the world. We can talk and find out news like never before.
6. What is an intermediary device and what is it connected to?
Its a device that connects the individual hosts (end device) to the network and can connect multiple individual networks to form and internetwork.
7. What is the role of an intermediary device?
These intermediary devices use what is called IP address, in conjunction with information about the network interconnections, to determine best path that messages take through the network.
8. Modern networks use three types of media to interconnect devices. What are they?
They use 3 different ones that are called mettalic wires within cables, glass ore fibers, and wireless transmition
9. What are the components of a network infrastructure?
Router, switchs, firewall, and load balances
10. Name network component provides services and processes.

11. What is an end device? piece of equipment that is either the source or the destination of a message on a network.
12. What tool can you use to locate how devices are connected on a large network?

13. Name five types of networks.
14. True/false: WAN speeds between links to LANs are slower than LAN speeds.
15. What is the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet?
The internet is a massive network of networks while the www is a way of accessing information over the internet
16. Name two terms that are similar to the Internet. intranet & extranet
17. What is the speed of a dedicated lease line?
1.544 Mbit/s
18. What type technology does Metro Ethernet use?

19. Leased lines are what? a service contract between a provider and a customer
20. Name the DSL technology that allows customers to have