Unanswered Questions

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Throughout the history of our universe, there have been complex and unanswered questions. These questions can be about anything, ranging from questions about nature to questions about human-made issues. History is filled with these questions, some that are answered quickly and others in which the answer continues to elude us. As part of being human and individuals, every person has an original or yet to be discovered question that they yern to answer. Just like everyone else, I have this same desire that compels me to find it's answer. For me, the question that is continuously on my mind is, how can I help adolescents who are victims of abuse, a lack of quality education, and/or those who effected by poverty, to reach their greatest potential? …show more content…
It isn't exactly what I wanted to read." However, my reason for my interest isn't generic. Due to my word limit, I will only give you the short summary of what could be pages long. When I turned eight, my mother had her first of four cancer diagnosis's. By the time I turned twelve, I had been homeless twice, my mom had received another cancer diagnosis and a broken back, and my sister and I hung on to the shred of hope that we were coming to the end of our prolonged journey through a sunless cave. By age fourteen, my mother received her third cancer diagnosis and became abusive, physically and mentally. By age seventeen I was forced to leave my home and live with my grandparents, so I could continue receive the best education in my area. Because of the trials and obstacles I have faced in my teenage years, it is my passion to help adolescents who face similar struggles not just in my community, but throughout the