Jaggers In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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Jaggers is one of the most interesting characters in the book of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The author shows us the self-confident and professional side of Jaggers during most of the scenes in the book. However, in a few scenes it was possible for reader to perceive a completely different side of this character. I believe that he, in the beginning of his career, was much more compassionate. During his early career as a lawyer, when he was sharpening his professional skills, Jaggers seemed to lose his ability to feel sympathy as such. As a result, he gradually turned into the embodiment of strength. Thus, we see how work can shape one`s personality, and Jaggers had to go through this change.
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“This case involved a woman in a conflict between her and her man, Magwitch, during which she kills another woman out of jealousy. The second victim of this crazed broken-hearted woman was her child by Magwitch.” (Dickens, 377). Knowing that a punishment for such a crime is execution, Jaggers felt comparison towards the woman, and thus played the role of her protector on trial. Although he managed to prove her innocence, the truth of the matter is that she actually was guilty of murder, but not of destroying her child. Jaggers suggested that she should give the child away to a rich woman, to ensure that the 3 years old little girl would be safe and not have to endure the rough life that waits her in the case of her mother’s execution, despite the outcomes of the trial. During this initial case we see him neglecting two important principals, which he later comes to embrace as a seasoned professional: “Do not interfere with other business unless you being payed for it” and “Do not cross the line of law.” The story unfolded in a way in which his human side was not apparent publicly, and remained a secret between him and the girl`s