Jamaica Research Paper

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People all over the world love new adventures. One way that people seek to find adventure is by traveling to other countries. One country country all tourists should visit is Jamaica because of its food, natural wonders, and their amazing animals.

First of all, all travelers should visit Jamaica to try all of their food. One great meal to try is Ackee and saltfish. Ackee is a Jamaica’s most traditional meal. This dish is usually served at breakfast. The fruit is actually African, but the fish is European. That is what makes this dish truly Jamaican. Another food to try is, Curry Goat. This is a meal served as lunch/dinner. Curry Goat is usually served with a side of rice and beans. This is made with a special spice that originated from Jamaica back when it was founded. Also, an appetizer or snack to try in Jamaica is called Bammy. This is a famous cassava bread. Bammy also originated from Jamaica, this bread was made after Jamaican chefs saw flatbread so they decided to create a different version of a flatbread for their Jamaican residents. All these Jamaican meals are only found in Jamaica, that means they can only be tried in Jamaica. Jamaica is a
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Many tourists are attracted to The Blue Mountains. No, these mountains aren’t actually blue, but the evaluation point is 7402’. The peak is called The Blue Mountain Peek. All tourists have to visit these mountains! Along with, The Green Grotto Caves all tourists should visit these caves. These caves are show caves for tourist attraction. These caves were actually found to be a hideout for the Spanish after the takeover by the English in 1655. All tourists should consider visiting these historic caves. Also tourists should visit The Blue Hole Mineral Springs. This wonderful tourist attraction has a lot of pools made of natural minerals. These are three more reasons all travelers should consider visiting