James Patterson's The 8th Confession

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In James Patterson's The 8th Confession, the richest people in the city are being killed without a trace of evidence left behind. The book begins with a mysterious bus explosion, introducing us to the main characters and detectives on the case, Boxer and Conklin. The focus then shifts to Cindy Thomas, a reporter who approaches a murder scene shortly after walking out of her front door. She witnessed a dead man lying on the ground, soaked in his own blood and beaten so badly his facial features couldnt be made out. Cindy stood at the dead man's side getting exact quotes from the victims friends and mourners. She immediately calls a friend and detective, Lindsay Boxer. From what Cindy tells her she immediately knows this case is going no where because this dead man was a bum. He was a dead bum with a certifiably crazy name, Bagman Jesus. The murder investiagtion of who killed bagman immediately become lindsays newest obsession, but not so much for Boxer and her partner Conklin. Throughout the book we are introduced to "Pet Girl", the sneaky dog walker for the several of the richest people in town. In that particular chapter we also learn she is the murder of her boyfriend, McKenzie Oliver. Pet Girl was also responsible for the murders of several of her bosses. She killed those who bullied her when she was younger, with such a great advantage because she had the keys to each of their house. Boxer and Conklin had almost let this suspect slip out of their hands until they