Jem Bravery In To Kill A Mockingbird

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During the course of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Jeremy(Jem) Finch displays many character traits. The most concrete two character traits of Jem are his bravery and his respect. Throughout Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem aged from 10 to 13, which is a great period of change in all children’s lives. Jem shows he is growing and changing during the course of the novel with many convincing reasons.
One of Jem’s many character traits described in this book is his bravery. The part in To Kill a Mockingbird that I think profoundly demonstrates his bravery is when he refuses to leave the front of the jail, even though Atticus tells him to. Either this is Jem being stubborn, or he is really displaying his bravery. During the course of
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There was one moment in the novel that really caught my attention and set Jem’s idealistic-ness apart from the average was after the court case when Tom Robinson was charged guilty, and then Jem wanted to jettison all forms of a jury. He was adamant in the fact that Tom was not guilty and the jury was biased against negroes. He really did not want to talk or hear about it afterwards, as shown in this quote, “‘I never wanta hear about that courthouse again, ever, ever, you hear me? You hear me? Don’t you ever say one word to me about it again, you hear? Now go on!’” This is what Jem said to Scout after she informed him of the conversation between Miss Gates and Miss Stephanie Crawford (247). Jem is still very sensitive about the jury at this time, and he ends up grabbing her by the collar and shaking her. This outbreak leaves Scout so surprised she can’t even cry. “I crept from Jem’s room and shut the door softly, lest undue noise set him off again. Suddenly tired, I wanted Atticus. He was in the livingroom, and I went to him and tried to get in his lap.” (247). Throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem Finch develops from a different perspective than usual. His development between the ages 10 and 13 is seen through the eyes of his younger sister and the main character of the book, Scout. Also, his many character traits are described using the perspective of a younger