Atticus Courage

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“Face difficulty, danger and pain, without fear, only bravery,” ( The dictionary's definition of courage. In the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee the book sets back to the time of the Great Depression. The book is placed in the small made up town of Maycomb, Alabama. This story is about two young children who go through a lot and learn a lot while doing it. It goes through the ways of inequality in the down and the diversity of races. The town isn't always getting along perfectly but that's why there are some mockingbirds to help. Throughout To Kill A Mockingbird there are many examples of courage. In the following essay I will give examples from Atticus, Jem and Mrs. Dubose. One of the most impacting characters in To Kill a Mockingbird is Atticus Finch. Atticus goes out of his way to make things right and to help others. One of the biggest points in the book is the Tom Robinson rape trial. Atticus shows extreme courage to take this case and defend an African American. Additionally, Atticus shows courage is when he stands up …show more content…
Dubose. Mrs.Dubose was a positive character. Although she didn't do much she did do one of the hardest things to do. She found the courage to quite her morphine addiction. This does not apply to most people but it's important to the courage theme in the book. As Atticus says, ”She had her own views on things, different from mine,” (Lee 146). Mrs. Dubose was an old lady who didn't really have a meaning to understand others therefore I found this quote by Atticus to fit well.

Courage in To Kill A Mockingbird is a common theme, and this theme is shown by Atticus, Jem and Mrs. Dubose. These people all add an additional piece to the writing. Atticus shows courage by defending an african american, Jem reads to Mrs.Dubose and Mrs.Dubose gives up her morphine addiction. Overall courage isn't a man with a gun in his hand, it's more of an act of