Jem Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the novel, to kill a mocking bird Jem Finch is beginning to mature. This is proven through certain events that occur in the novel. To begin with, Jem is becoming braver. This is evident as in the start of the novel he was only able to touch the side of the Radley’s house. As the novel progressed he was able to go alone to the Radley’s house in the middle of the night to get his pants back. This shows his bravery as nobody ever came close to the Radley’s house, but he was able to go there alone without being afraid. Furthermore, Jem stops acting like a child. This is shown in chapter 15 where Scout says “Jem had outgrown the treehouse, but helped Dill and me construct a new rope ladder for it.” Finally, Jem has a better understanding of things.