Jewish Marriage Essay

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Marriage is a significant part of Judaism bringing together a woman and man under God’s reign. It is the mitzvah (122) “To marry a wife by means of ketubah and keddushin” (Deut 22:13), all Jewish adherents see marriage as a necessity in order to obey God and to experience the fullness of life. In Genesis God says: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” It is a link between individuals and the wider community as it recognises two individuals coming together, celebrated by the wider community. Also the marriage ceremony itself contains symbolic significance to Judaism, conveying Jewish beliefs through symbols, actions and words.
The mitzvah of marriage is especially important as it involves what
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Also within the erusin are many symbols expressing the beliefs and practices of Judaism signifying the ceremony. The bride and groom are escorted to the “Chuppah,” the ecorts carry candles which allude to the joyous occasion supported by the community present. The flames are also reminiscent of the fire at Mt Sinai (the giving of the Torah) ans so allude once more to the covenant between God and Israel. The Chuppah (used at the wedding of Adam and Eve) represents the joining of the couple, as the two are under the one canopy. This canopy is under open skies to represent that this future family should be governed by the heavenly values of God. Therefore this part of the marriage is significant as it reminds the couple and the community of the foundations of their faith and how God is always there.
Under the Chuppah there are two blessings and a cup of wine is given so they can both drink, this is extremely momentous as it involves many beliefs in one. The sharing of the cup symbolises the sharing of their lives together. Wine is also a symbol of joy and the revealing of one’s true self. This is to say that when one drink the often become merry and their true character is shown, therefore, marriage is a joyous occasion but a marriage will reveal a person’s true self. Going deeper; a Kabbalistic meaning behind wine acknowledges that wine is something to