Jim Crow Essay

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How did Jim Crow laws make the US an unjust nation? Separate but equal.. yeah right. Jim Crow laws were laws that segregated blacks and whites in american society. Blacks and whites were not integrated in really any social situation. Jim Crow laws preached that all facilities were to be separate but equal this was hardly the case. Jim Crow laws made the US an unjust nation by separating people by race which is wrong in its own right but also white facilities were always extremely superior to black facilities. Segregated water fountains, prisons, and restaurants were among the unjust facilities. Blacks and whites were segregated in all public places. Whites and blacks were not allowed to even use the same water fountain. A picture from the period of Jim Crow laws shows two water fountains, one says white and one says colored and has a black boy drinking from the colored fountain. This picture shows that jim crow laws made the
US an unjust nation because the two fountains are very different. the white fountain is larger and far superior to the black fountain. Black people should not have been subjected to using a dinky old water fountain when white people had access to a much better option. In the age of Jim Crow laws black people were treated as if they were diseased or as if they weren't even human. Black people in prisons weren’t even considered worthy enough to be chained or handcuffed to another white prisoner. This made america an unjust nation because it promoted the idea that blacks were not equal to whites. It gave the idea that blacks were dirty or not to be touched by whites. Whites are not superior to

blacks in any way, and trying to manufacture the idea that they are and secluding them from privileges white people have is very unjust. Restaurants were also forced to segregate their customers by Jim Crow laws. A sign that would have been up in the window of…