Jim Jones And The Hockey Law

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Jim Jones and Bob Black * Jim Jones checked Bob Black during a hockey game * Bob Black slashed Jim Jones on the back of the neck with the hockey stick opening a gash * Jim Jones threatened Bob Black during the hockey game * Jim Jones asked Bob Black to step outside and fight him when he later ran into him * Jim Jones sustained severe neck damage from Bob Black * Jim Jones had turned down a $50 000 hockey contract to finish school, but was planning on turning pro next year * Bob Black is a karate student * Jim Jones will never play a contact sport again

* Tort of Assault * Bob Black brings against Jim Jones * Jim Jones shouted his threat at Bob Black at the hockey game in front of
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* Tim and Sean had both forgotten about the drained oil. Sean had not driven it since the oil had been drained and Tim had been able to drive it all the way home before problems occurred. * Jim went to Sean's to get the car and was told it was at Tim's * Jim went to Tim's who wasn't there, but had left the keys with his roommate * Tim went to Sean's to get his money back * Cadillac would not start for Jim so he called a tow truck found out the motor was damaged and it was going to cost $5000 to repair * Jim went to Sean and said he wanted his money back and the deal was off

* Sean made an offer to Tim * He never rescinded the offer, but instead accepted Jim's offer to buy the Cadillac * Jim made partial payment on the Cadillac and Sean said it was his as long as no one else gives him money before he does * Tim's acceptance of Sean's offer came in the mail before he rescinded the offer, but after he had received partial payment from Jim * When the car seized and Tim could no longer drive it he agreed it could be sold to Jim * Jim knew nothing about the damaged car

* Sean issued an invitation to treat to both Tim and Jim * Sean offered to sell the car to Tim for $7, 500 * Tim knew the car really knew the car * Tim called Sean to joke with him about going to Florida and said he'd make his decision about buying the car in two weeks. Tim told Sean that if he bought the car then