John Adams Essay

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John Adams
Thomas Sanchez
John Adams was a well rounded man with great intentions on helping create this amazing country as we know it today.
John Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, now known as Quincy, on October 30 1735. He was the the oldest out of all 3 of his brothers. His father was a farmer, shoemaker and also served as an official in local government. Growing up he dreamed of being just like his father, but just to become a farmer.
When he graduated from Harvard College in 1775 he became a teacher for a while and studied law with an attorney he met during teaching in Worcester, Massachusetts. He then began to pursue his law career in 1758. A few years later in the 1760s he took a big leap beginning with the all mighty Great Britain.
Adams was a self-righteous and intellectual man that made passionate speeches for the rights of colonists to revolt against England. But later on when he is appointed to the Continental Congress, he was the first to speak for independence, but all the other delegates thought he was obnoxious and rarely listened to him. He suspected that later on history would respect him more than his peers did.
Growing up and then in his early adult hood, came to realize that Britain had too much control on the colonists. He no longer believed that England had good interests in mind. To take action he spoke out towards the Stamp Act of 1765 which put a tax on goods like documents, newspapers and playing cards and also the Townshed Acts of 1767 which put a tax on goods like paper, glass and tea.
Adams surly didn’t stop there. In 1774 he attended the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia as a Massachusetts delegate. In 1775, as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, he nominated George Washington to serve as commander of the colonial forces in the American Revolutionary War.
As a congressional delegate, Adams nominated Thomas Jefferson to draft the Declaration of Independence. He felt as if the Colonies needed a new start. Adams worked closely with Jefferson while he wrote most of the document. Adams served as Vice President under George Washington because he came in second place during both elections. As Vice President, he limited himself to presiding over the Senate because he didn’t like to be in the middle of everything. When George Washington denied his 3rd term, Adams was elected as President in 1797 until 1801.
While he was president, the US government moved from Philadelphia to Washington DC. He was the first to reside in the While house. With the threat of was with France at hand, he tried to keep calm and