John F Kennedy's Inaugural Speech Essay

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In Americas brave past, there have been 43 presidents. Each of the presidents who have passed through the historic gates of the white house first began their term with their inaugural address. Considered one of the greatest address of our time is John F. Kenny's speech on January 20, 1961, as he was sworn into office to be our 35th president. As our youngest president ever, he helped America out of a recession; he established the Peace Corps, avoided nuclear threats, and even helped with the equal pay act and rights of African Americans. His reign as president was all foreshadowed in his address in which he succeeds in inspiring hope and peace both at home and abroad.
In Kennedy's inaugural address, he begins and ends with swells of pride and patriotism in order to connect with his audience using pathos. He builds a sense of patriotism and connects with the audience emotionally as he recounts America's brave revolution in which, “We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution.” He uses this as a starting point to fill the nation with hope and to find common ground so that all his followers could be lifted up to stand with him. He then goes on, to give a sense of security and to strike pointed fear into our enemy's hearts he forcibly proclaims, “We dare not tempt them with
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His inspiring words touched on America's emotions and left the many crowds pondering the weight of his words and their implications. His inaugural address alone was the start of a new point in history for the presidency. His words left a sense of hope and confidence in all countries around the world and spoke deeply to the wants and needs of every man. Only time will tell, however, if the presidents of this period can inspire the same support and assurances from a similarly divided