Joseph Mccarthyism In The Crucible

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After reading “The Crucible”, I found that Arthur Miller is trying to show us how we lose sight of what is right and what is wrong. While writing the play, Arthur Miller watched America enter a period of hysteria due to the statements of one man, Joseph McCarthy. During this time, Miller decided to write a story of gangs living in New York. When he presented the story to others, he was asked to make the gang members be Communists. This suggestion proved that Americans had lost their sense of morality. They were convinced that Communists were evil people who wanted to destroy the country. While none of these ideas were true, people continued to hate the Communists because they were seen as troublemakers who needed to be oppressed. As …show more content…
As tensions rise in the small town of Salem, people begin to capitulate to the authority of the girls. As a reader, it is easy to see that Abigail and the other women pretend to be haunted, but for the townspeople they are perplexed. The people fail to see how they have been tricked into supporting the oligarchical group of girls. Moreover, the townspeople embrace the new faction of leadership, much like Americans during the 1950s with Joseph McCarthy as their tyrant. The admiration for Salem’s corrupt rule is first expressed by Mary Warren after returning from a long day of trials. Mary exclaimed to John Procter, “You must see it, sir, it’s God’s work we do ... The Devil’s loose in Salem, Mr. Procter; we must discover where he’s hiding!” (63). Warren’s apocryphal assertion proves how Salem is so taken by the flawed leadership of girls. She shows that in with oligarchical rule, hysterical claims follow. Mary Warren, an average citizen, exemplifies that when life rapidly changes, horrible leaders may appear fit for a position when in reality they are