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Name: Bente Boernsen
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Journal Article Review #1

The article I have chosen is from the and its title is “Ashton Kutcher's Other Baby: Lenovo Tablet - TV Star and 'Product Engineer' Leads Tablet Marketing Charge”.
It is about new products of Lenovo, which are introduced with the help of Ashton Kutcher.
Ashton Kutcher is a famous actor all over the world. In relation to that he is known as a celebrity, who really cares about his fans and is in an very open contact with them in different social networks.

The product which is talked about generally in this article is the 'YOGA 2 Pro' (a tablet). It is specially eglible for home entertainment with its sound system, subwoofer an built-in film projector. Moreover it is not relied just on Android anymore, but on windows operating systems as well. The 'YOGA 2 Pro' starts at $499.

The products of Lenovo (a tablet and a bendable laptop as well), which are launched with support by Ashton, were just introduced a week before apple (a big competitor) released its latest tablet. Mr. Kutcher is therefore not just an actor but a tech investor as well and in addition to that he is called 'product engineer'.
The special point about this story is that Mr. Kutcher does not only want to be seen as an actor in this product, but also as a kind of developer, he does not want to be 'the face of a tech campaign'. Ashton spends 30 hours a week scouting software companies for Lenovo and holds some meetings with Lenovo's product team. As a result that the campaign with Ashton Kutcher is working good, other competitors on this market have to note that their market share fall in the same period in which Lenovo claimed 5% of the worldwide tablet market.
The great success of this campaign is not only because of the well done and developed product, but because of Mr. Kutcher as a star. As explained above, he is an actor and famous

because of the series 'two and a half man' and one can see him in two 30-second spots, one each for the tablet and laptop, the YOGA 3 Pro. In addition to that he has a very big Twitter-following.

The marketing of this advertising of Lenovo is a general digital one. Lenovo has to compete against competitors, which spend huge sums of money for measured media.

However it is said that Lenovo will resist against other competitors because of its innovation.
They do not want to make a mainstream product, they make the product fit into the niche.
Besides Lenovo will purchase the fourth-largest smartphone vendor Motorola.

The first reason why I chose this article is not only because of the knowing and the affection of Ashton Kutcher, but also because of the title in which the Lenovo tablet is compared with a baby: 'Ashton Kutcher's Other Baby: Lenovo Tablet'.
And of course it is very interesting to notice how advertising can work with the help of a famous person.

First I will start with the point which leaded me to read the article, the title and the comparison of an object and an human being: A tablet with a baby.
The very first impression while reading 'Ashton Kutchers other baby' makes one want to know what is meant with 'other baby'. Has Ashton Kutcher a baby? And what is special about this baby? And then while reading forward one notice that it is not a real baby which is spoken of, but a tablet. The trick here is that normally persons get emotional and have feelings if they talk about babies or have babies and because the tablet is compared to the baby it may be aimed that the reader gets emotional with the tablet as well and can build a relationship to the tablet.

The next point is Ashton Kutcher as a famous person. The first thought I had, was that the advertising would receive a big success because of Ashton promoting and acting in the advertising for Lenovo. Of course he promotes