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This review critically reviews the article ‘A Momentum Trading Effect In Real Estate Funds: An Analysis with TIAA-CREF’ by Greg kuhlemeyer and Robert kunkel which appeared in the Journal Of Technical Analysis. The review will first summarise the article. Secondly, it will briefly analyse the effectiveness of the article’s structure, investigating how the information is set out and whether the reader can access it efficiently. Thirdly, the review will critique the article, evaluating its authority, currency, accuracy, objectivity and coverage. The review will also analyse the graph before finally judging the article’s accessibility and credibility. Overall the article was well written, clear and
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The strict editorial and refereeing processes also contributed to the article’s accuracy as did the links to other expert sources (the journal for example). Additionally, there is a section acknowledging the piece upon which the article was based. The original piece, co-authored by Kirkpatrick, Charles.D and Julie R.Dahlquist,2010, Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians, FT Press, Upper SuddleRiver, NJ includes several in-text references and fourteen references in total.
The information was objectively developed, well supported with a current research base and with all evidence acknowledged and referenced. There was no evidence of bias, a fact that was reinforced by the recognition that the article documents research, which followed the rigorous research processes, and the necessary model by investor’s research.

c. Design and Procedures
The methodology in this paper is employing intra-day trading methodologies and considered longer-term by those technicians. Firstly, they are using data from fund management through TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association- College Retirement Equities Funds) whereas they are non-profit organisation who provides investment and insurance service to people who have worked in field such as education, medicine,