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*My internet has been down since Wednesday evening. I had to replace the router I had, which I was able to do on Sunday afternoon.
Obie Obumseli
Andy Langager

The goal of ad is to cause you to buy a product. In our readings an ad goes through five steps in the mind of the viewer starting with attention. When the ad is present we are now becoming aware causing some to go to the next step which is interest. Many of us are aware of products we have no interest for but once interest strikes we go to the next step which is creditability. What takes place after creditability is the desire to buy the product which leads to the final step, action.
While doing the research for this paper I found a Nike Ad that greatly interest me and fulfills the steps of the pyramid. It’s of a boy running and the caption “Find Your Greatness.” What makes this ad able to grasp the attention of others is that it was a not an athlete running or even a hopeful but an “average Joe.” And by average Joe I mean an overweight boy who is running to achieve his greatness, which could possibly mean to lose weight. By having an overweight boy running, this should have captured the attention and interest of athletes and average Joes that were watching the ad. The credibility is reached when you see the famous Nike logo and the text the accompanied the image. The text, which basically talks about how greatness can be achieved in all of us not just a select few should have caused those who still possess interest in the product, which is just Nike’s brand in