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In the age of Acropolis, the Greeks began to use their eyes in a different way, in a more natural form. Discovering natural form of the body and creating a more realistic body form than stylistic body form. This was an attempt to capture the human mind and soul through stone, as well as conveying emotion in their work. As a result of this new insight to the way the human body was being perceived in art, people began to become more aware of how their bodies looked and began to exercise more to achieve this, nicer to look at, body.

There were not many Paintings from the eighteenth century, but pottery is in abundance and used in everyday life. All pottery from the Greeks is painted thus replacing the “paintings” of today’s society. The faces of the people on the pottery told a story in themselves and helped to spread the revolution of art. Greek pottery was spread over the world telling their story. The Greeks strive to create the natural setting and tell a story in a roof shaped. The Lapid-Centore wedding tells a story of humans and the Centorians , which are a half human and half horse. The Centores get drunk and frisky and the Lipids did not like this and there was a struggle. There are morals to this story told in stone. Possible the moral is to not bring animals to your festivities or do not get intoxicated during a festivity. The "The Measure Of All Things: Greek Art And The Human Figure" (2014) website shows that within this art, there was still a…