Journal Entry-Personal Narrative

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Journal entry #4
Cody went near Billy’s box, he opened it up and took him out. He quickly hollered to the truck driver to stop. The truck stopped, but our truck kept going. I heard a loud band and I knew Billy was dead. The feeling indescribable. We had lost a passenger, a few days passed and we arrived at Manitoba a province in the Promised Land. I was somewhat happy but I quickly remembered what happened to Billy. My smile quickly turned into a frown, Khizar looked at me. He told me everything was going to be fine and maybe Billy dyeing was for the best. I got convinced and cheered up. The trucks stopped and we quickly got out before anyone could spot us. We now headed towards our final station. We headed north and we finally reached our final
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it was amazing his house was huge everything a man ever needed was there, couches T.V a fridge stacked with food and desserts and warm beds. The old man told us his name, it was Jazim. He led us towards the kitchen and went away, on the way out he told us we could help ourselves to anything we wanted. We were now alone the conductor told me that from here on out I would no longer see him. I would have a stockholder to donate stuff to me like food clothes etc. I would also get help from a brakeman to find a job so I could start making money and get back on my feet. He said good bye and left. A few days passed and I meet the stockholder his name was Jones and he was a nice guy he said he would donate stuff every week. I also met the brakeman his name was Adyan, he tried the best he could but he could only get me a job that involved physical labor. I was alright with it because at least I got a job. I met with my boss and he introduced himself, his name was Matthew. He showed me what to do in the job, I would have to chop wood. He told me the timings and when I would start and I was excited. I got back home, but 5 minutes later I heard a knock on the door, I went to see who it was and it was Moses she came