Jungle What If Essay

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Antonio Roan 3/4/2013

Jurgis woke up and rode on the street car to his job at the hotel, with this new job his view of the world has changed somewhat, the reason why is that he was finally happy to go to work because at the hotel he was treated as an equal because they were all for the socialist movement there. Jurgis was also happy that the Socialist cause had gotten a foothold in the city and was making advances while Mike Scully forces were losing power in the city, because more people believed in Socialism,but while on his way he sees Marija on the corner and tells her to stop selling herself, but she says she cannot stop and she is also a drug addict and her pimp shows up and it is Duane a theif turn pimp. Jurgis tries to reason with Duane to let Marija go but he will not he said that she made too much money for him, so the Jurgis gets more aggressive and he attacks Duane and gets the better of him in a fight, which is completely one sided after it is over Jurgis walks over to Marija but Duane gets up and approaches Jurgis from behind with a knife and attempts to stab him but Marija being big and strong pushes Jurgis out of the way and takes the knife and is stabbed in the throat, to which Duane responds "You stupid whore no one told you to move you could have still been alive", then he looks at Jurgis and says " You better watch your back boy-son I got people with me who handle little sissies like you", and takes off. Jurgis having paid no attention to Duane is sobbing over Marija's lifeless body and sits and cries until the cops arrive, he is tooken to the police station and questioned and this goes on until Tommy Hinds comes and gets him. While they are leaving a Model T Ford pulls up and out comes a Tommy Gun, and Tommy screams out "DRIVE-BY", so then he and Jurgis start to run and make it into an alley and climb up a ladder onto the roof of a building. Tommy the asks "Why they shooting at us", Jurgis then replies "Those are some of Duane people they after me for some reason", then Tommy says"Why did you drag me into this man". So, then they get off the roof and lurk around in the shadows so they will not get caught after they get a few blocks away they split up and Jurgis is by himself in the dark night with people after him and he is suspcious about every car he sees because that could be his last sight, but none approach him, so he has a safe trip home but what he finds is