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Climate change has become an important issue all over the world. With the heavier situation appearing in the earth, a large amount of problems shows up. Climate change refers to the important and continuous change in global climate patterns ranging from decades to millions of years which are put down to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by using fossil fuels (Wikipedia). Climate change not only largely affects the nature but also influences the society. This essay outlines the problems caused by climate change, and evaluates the solutions of it. The essay discusses that climate change may have bad effects on the nature and society. As a result, effective measures should be taken to control the climate change. Climate change influences the world both in natural and social area. Firstly, in urban area, there will have much demand for energy to adjust the air which leads to the “urban heat island effect” through heat pollution. The effect will also influence suburb, lessens the agricultural land (Ashmore, 2005, cited in UNFPA 2007) and triggers thunderstorms (UNFPA, 2007, Para 8). The second alarming aspect of climate change is its effects on the rising sea level and its underlying consequences for the costal urban areas (UNFPA, 2007, Para 1). It can make people who live in the low elevation coastal zone homeless. That may cause a large migration from one place to another area. For instance, the whole national migration of Tuvalu move to New Zealand because of the island they lived was submerged by the sea. Finally, it does harm to human health, especially in the poor areas. For example, poor areas where have a crowded living condition and have no money to build infrastructure which means they will face a lot of problems such as the water supply ,the mosquitoes and other carriers of tropical disease(UNFPA, 2007, Para 9). Changes in climate will spread the disease and affect the water supply. The human health will be threatened. As a consequence, climate change has caused many problems to the earth that is why people should take measures to mitigate climate change. The solution of develop technology to improve energy efficiency and use renewable energy is useful to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. Many cities in the world are focusing on the technology of the energy efficiency and renewable energy. For example, Nagpur, a solar city in India, has developed the policy of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and put forward a five-year plan. In 2008, the India government want to develop Nagpur as a ‘model solar city’, whose goal is to reduce 10 percent conventional energy by 2013 through increasing energy efficiency and making extensive use of renewable energy(UNDP, 2012, PP121-143). There are many other examples such as the use of wind energy source in Hepburn Shire, Australia and Shanghai, China. It can prove that energy efficiency and renewable energy can cut down the use of fossil fuels decreasing the carbon emission which can control the climate change fundamentally, and help the cities to develop in a sustainable way. “Green roof” is an effective way to some cities; however, it is not feasible to the entire situation. City Hall`s “green roof” in Chicago catch the rain, decrease the energy used for cooling the building in hot summer and cope with the “heat island effect”(The economist, 2011, Para 1). It saves energy in a large degree. But it cannot realize in the some tropic zone or in the desert. One city’s plans are vary from the other. What works in one may not in another. Missy Stults says that “the actions you take have to be local”, point out the particular needs of each city (The economist, 2011, Para 6). As a result, measures can be taken according to their specific condition, but it will benefit more if it