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In the case Neil vs. Biggers, the courts guild lines for reliability evidence was how the victim was able to identify her assailant. The officers took the assailant to the victim’s house, so the victim could identify him as the assailant. Since the victim was able to identify the assailant, the officers were able to charge the assailant with rape. The evidence was allowed in court and was proven to be ruled as reliable evidence. In the case Perry vs. New Hampshire, officers respond to a complaint that a man was breaking in to cars. When officers arrived, a woman pointed to a man near a police car and identifying him as the man who was trying to break into cars. Since the woman was able to identify the man being the one trying to break into the cars, officers were able to charge him and arrest him. The courts allowed the woman’s identification of the man as reliable evidence. The courts found Neil vs. Biggers case to be precedent to the Perry vs. New Hampshire by the way the identification process. In both cases, an eyewitness identified the suspect. In both cases, the defendants argued how they client was identified and that it was a violation of one of their amendments. However, since they were easily identified by an eye witness this was easy for they officers to close their case.

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