Just War Theory Essay examples

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Evan Uesato
November 4 2009

Violence in the Name of Religion
(Just War)

Christianity preaches peace and loving your neighbor but for the history of christianity, there has been violence and war in its name. For Many years people have been killing other human beings in the name of christ or justifying their killings by saying that the war is in the name of god. The belief that violence and war can be justified is called the “Just War Theory.” Just war is a war that is justified because it is necessary for peace to happen. Just war theory has its origins in the catholic church. In order for a war to be considered just it must meet certain criteria. For a war to be just it must: have a just cause, have a valid
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There were tries for peace before the United States took action but the Iraqi government ignored all the UN sanctions. The Military actions taken by the U.S. were considered to be the last resort.[16] There have been arguments presented on whether the War in Iraq is just or whether it is not.[17] Catholic theorist Michael Novak argues that the war in Iraq is a just war. Because there have been attempts to help civilians or to avoid hurting them as much as possible.[18] His points are: that the U.S. has put relief organizations into place, they have delivered humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq, they have protected Iraq’s infrastructure, precision bombs avoid civilian casualties, and the U.S. protects civilians in time of combat.[19] Arguments that have been made for the War in Iraq to meet the criteria have been made by others as well. Iraq began militarizing and became a danger to the U.S., the attacks of September eleventh were believed to have ties to the Iraqi government and taken as acts of war. Iraq also violated the rights of the U.S. with the attacks of September eleventh. President Bush is a valid authority to engage in a war because he was elected by popular vote and not by a private organization. The U.S. had the right intentions because they were using force to right wrongs that have been done to them as a nation.[20] The probability of success for the U.S. was high because they are much more