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Just War Theory
One of the obvious realities of human existence is war. From the earliest recorded events of human history, through to modern times, human communities have engaged in armed conflict as a method of dispute resolution. Although war has been a constant part of the human experience, there has also been a tendency within virtually all human civilizations to limit the extent of war and the methods by which warfare may be conducted. The Just War Theory is the comparatively more fruitful option that is always towards the betterment of all parties that are involved in the process. The Just War Theory is made up of several tenets or views from the Just War Theory of Cicero, Saint Ambrose, or Saint Augustine.
To begin, “a war must only be started after all other attempts of resolving an issue have failed (Christopher 2003).” Discussions and compromises by the two opposing sides must be attempted prior to the breakout of a war. In simple terms, if a declaration of war is to be just, it is because all angles of prevention have been stressed, resulting in the last resort of war. Next, “a war must only be started as a way of defense after a provocation has already been made (Christopher 2003).” This brings some sort of justification to the start of a war. If the war is used as a way of defending oneself against an attack that has already been done, then it is justified to begin this war as a way of providing justice for those impacted. Another tenet is “that the other party has to be able to fight fairly (Christopher 2003).” This means that countries on the brink of

Page 2 war should be given advanced notice of an attack and they should have the adequate means of protecting themselves.
The Just War Tradition states that war is commenced only if the nation has attempted all other resorts and failed. If no other strategies or alternatives are not attempted before entering war, then such a war is not justified. Therefore, having tried all possible means and still leaving the nation with no other options, and war is a last option, then war is then justified. The intention of war cannot be simply to fight, but instead, the right intention to fighting only to repel the other nation from its country. Killing or murdering people should never be the purpose of war, in fact, the murder of innocent people or inflicting suffrage cannot justifiably be done if it is avoidable. Because the Just War Theory makes a distinction between combatants and non-combatants, it excludes direct unnecessarily cruelty of innocent bystanders. This theory explains that killing civilians purposely or as a part of policy is different than those civilians being killed due to side-effects of war. War must be declared by someone invested with legal authority or legitimate authority. Another criterion justifies war if and only if there is a reasonable hope of benefit. That is, if the nation is not certain of its success then, such a war cannot be considered as a justifiable war.
In most cases, people are more opt to fight because it shows a quick response to an immediate problem or crisis. Because we are human, it is more difficult to…