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Thomas Shull
Assignment 4: Report Plan
Professor Edward Palm
Professional Communications – English 315
May 19, 2013

The company I am submitting the presentation to is XXXXXXXXXXX. They are a regional convenience store chain that currently manufactures, warehouses, and distributes drinks, teas, and milk products from their plant located in XXXXXXXXXX. The specific recipients of the justification report will be a panel consisting of senior level directors, choice personnel from the Project Management Office and the capital expense analysis executive. The head decision maker, XXXXXXXX, will be the facilitator of the panel and my presentation with him as my focus. The report will provide the facts and data necessary to convince the company that an alternative technology to what they currently use will enable them to streamline the operation. The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) is still a relatively new technology for their application and has been discussed at their long range planning meetings a number of times. Radio frequency identification involves the use of scanners and license tags that are affixed to a unit for inventory management of that particular unit throughout the supply chain movement.
The initial purpose of the report is to make the decision makers comfortable that new technology such as RFID can be a great enabler to future expansion and innovation. While it is a costly undertaking, the ROI comes in less than 18 months with potential of branching into several new directions that elude the company today because of infrastructure constraints. The current system of identification being used is antiquated and the software components will be left without a support structure in the next 2 years so now is the time to convert.
Many companies today utilize warehouse management systems that employ the use of RFID tags much in the same manner that will be used at the XXXXXX site. There are countless companies that are not considered competition to XXXXXX that I can have as a resource for my research. Many case studies were conducted and published in industry catalogs that might prove beneficial for source data as part of the fact gathering.
I will use a variety of methods to gather the facts and data needed for my presentation. I plan to begin with reaching out to companies that I can