Kant: Immanuel Kant and Kant Lecture Essay

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Kant lecture 2

There is conflict for Kant between Newtonian science and leibnizian metaphysics. This all involves issues of reason and experience.
Metaphysics exists as a ‘natural disposition’
It cannot be investigated outside knowledge in general.
Moral welfare also comes into account... it is at stake and therefore cannot let it go.
The mind is furnished with what is referred to as ‘representations’ – this is an element of cognition.
It is either caused by an object or causes an object itself. It is similar to Hume’s ideas or Locke’s.
Ground of relation between representation and occupation is what Kant was interested in most.
There are two primary interpretations of Kant.. Strawsons analytic and Allison’s idealist.
Strawson claims that we can imagine different worlds from the one we currently occupy ourselves however no description is truly intelligible.
This view does of course limit what we can conceive of.
Refutation of experience – must be in a world in order for a subject to have an experience.
‘I think’ cannot be conceived unless it is the point of departure for objects.
The ‘thing as it is in itself’ is all nonsense to Strawson
His idealism takes on a different approach to all traditional levels of epistemology
Experience itself has an inherent structure.
There is a connecting relation between the object and ourselves... in order for an object to become known by us there must be this relation.
Empiricist point of view here – in other words objects ‘strike’ the…