Kate Chopin's Short Story 'The Storm'

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The Storm The short story “The Storm” takes place in a small town in Louisiana at Friedhemiers’s store and at the house of Calixta and Bobinot. In this short story Kate Chopin uses contrast to express the different influences a person’s gender, class, and marriage had on people during the nineteenth century. Chopin uses Calixta and Bobinot gender to show the different roles a women and man had during this time period. Calixta a woman was at home by herself occupied with chores. While her husband a man was occupied by business at a local store called Friedhemier’s.
Calixta had hung up Bobinot’s clothes earlier to air dry outside and now she was sewing furiously. Calixta was so busy she didn’t see the approaching storm until the last minute.
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Bobonit said ‘he prepared for the worst because he was meeting an over-scrupulous wife.” For example he had already came up with explanations and apologies for Calixta in advance. Another thing he did was that he bought her a can of shrimp to bribe her with so she wouldn’t be that mad at him. Surprisingly Calixta was in a great mode and satisfied with their safe return. Not only did she smother them with kisses she also joined them at the table. They all sat down to relax and enjoy each other company. This lead to laughing very loudly so loud that people in the next town could here them. The contrast of Bobinot and Calixta marriage shows the reader a husband and a wife can have major misconception about one another. The fact that Bobinot was so worried about his wife and Calixta was not worried about her infidelity shows the reader that their marriage is unpredictable like a storm. (Chopin 83-84) In the short story called “The Storm” Kate Chopin used contrast to show reader the different influences people’s gender, class, and marriage had on people in the nineteenth century. Kate showed that Alcee class and gender were different from Bobinot and it influenced Calixta to be unfaithful. Furthermore, Bobonit’s is faithful were his wife is not faithful this showing the contrast of marriage. In closing the storm in this story are both figurative and littoral the