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Gage Miller
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A very large controversy in our modern world is based on abortion. Should it be legal? Should we allow it at all? We know it is against religion to have an abortion but religion bans many things that we still do regardless without care! In my opinion, abortion should be kept legal for a number of reasons. First of all, people that would not be able to take care of a child are usually the ones that get abortions. If that child was born and raised by their birth mother, they would most likely not have a very good life because their parents would lack the skills, money, mental ability, or some other trait, to raise them. Now, a counter argument to that is, “They can just adopt it off to a better home!” Having your own child adopted off is much easier said than done. Murdering your child is worse you say? That brings me to my next point. Continuing on, abortion is not murder. In the state of Arizona and throughout most of the country, an abortion must be done before twenty four weeks of pregnancy. The child be only be about the size of a potato at that point. What I consider to be a living thing is something can has the ability to retain memory and by the twenty four week mark the child does not have this trait! My last point is that many women around the world get pregnant from being raped. An estimated 32,101 women annually in the united states that are raped result in pregnancy. How could a woman raise a child that could possibly be the