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Renata Luna
Mrs. Niemeyer
English Green 7
23 April 2013 Abortion

When I hear the word abortion, the first thing that comes to my mind is how wrong it is, I know not much about abortion but from what I know is how cruel a women can be to think that the solution is killing a human being, and not only a human being but someone with their same blood their own son or daughter; Just think about it, would you ever kill your own son when he is not months, but 12 years?, I don’t really think that is even a question because obviously you wouldn’t, so you should think the same way when you hear the word abortion.
The fact that it is legal makes me really sad, I compare it to making legal the killing of a child, obviously it would never be legal because it is so wrong, well it’s the same as abortion, there are campaigns against it explaining why it’s so bad that it is legal, and the government has not taken any measures. I chose this topic because I really think there has to be a change in making it illegal.
Abortion is an intentional violent act that kills an unborn baby. Without any anesthesia, the baby is dismembered, torn apart, and vacuumed out of the mother. In the case of a near-term or partial-birth abortion, the baby is turned around and pulled partially out with its head still inside the mother. The abortionist then plunges a sharp object into the back of its neck and vacuums out the brain. This is not a pleasant subject. It hurts to just imagine the horror. However, we must think about it in order to gather the courage needed to end it.
The question I always ask myself is what motivates an abortionist? What must they think as they slash and tear a baby apart or plunge a knife into its neck? Somehow, abortionists have become callused to the reality of their actions. Like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, they have blood on their hands, and it cannot be washed off. They are like gas chamber operators during Hitler’s holocaust. They are like slave traders who traded in human flesh during slavery. The people who love would never consider abortion. If you are still unconvinced about the horror of legalized