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Keith Urban Concert Friday September 27, 2013 at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California we saw Keith Urban Play. My Mom, Sister and Myself walked up Highland Boulevard to get to the Hollywood Bowl from our hotel. The streets jammed packed with cars and the side walk filled with girls wearing jean skirts and cowboy boots. Chatter and laughed filled the air as you heard conversions about how excited everyone was to go see Keith Urban. As your walking you see street vending selling ten dollar Keith Urban Shirts. Another vendor five dollar bacon wrapped hotdogs. We finally make our way up Highland to the Hollywood Bowl and a huge sign with Keith Urban, Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch. Outside the Bowl the party felt like a community of friendly people that have known each other forever, but haven't seen one another in a long time. The place is so loud you can hardly hear. You can hear in the distance the sound of Dustin Lynch singing but the crowd outside is way too loud to hear him clearly. As we all waited in line to go into the concert there was a thrill of excitement in the air. You get pushed and shoved like you were playing football but you don’t go too far except into the back of the person standing in front of you. Entering the stadium was overwhelming, the scent of popcorn crept under my nose, while the ice cold water that was dripping from my head felt as refreshing as a smoker's next nicotine fix. We stand in another line just to pay