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Unit V Key Concepts
Concept Folder Due Monday 3-23

Outside Cover

Illustrate activities, evidence of understanding of important events, places and people that make this period unique to others.

Inside left cover answer the period questions: (see below)

Inside right cover...utilize the five themes to discuss the events in the time period.

1. Interaction between humans and the environment (demography and disease, migration, patterns of settlement, technology);

2. Development and interaction of cultures (religions, belief systems, philosophies and ideologies, science and technology, the arts and architecture);

3. State-building, expansion, and conflict (political structures and forms of governance, empires, nations and nationalism, revolts and revolution, regional, trans-regional, and global structures and organizations);

4. Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems (agricultural and pastoral production, trade and commerce, labor systems, industrialization, capitalism and socialism);

5. Development and transformation of social structures (gender roles and relations, family and kinship, racial and ethnic constructions);

Outside rear cover.... Timeline illustrates the period.

Questions: Period 5: Industrialization and Global Integration, c. 1750 to c. 1900
Key Concept 5.1 Industrialization and Global Capitalism
How did Industrialization affect seemingly unrelated fields like social structures, culture, (arts, religion, literature) and the economy?
How did Industrialization change how goods were produced? (Around the world)
What combinations of factors were necessary to begin the Industrial Revolution?
What “fueled” (both literally and metaphorically) the Industrial Revolution?
How did factories change the nature of labor itself?
Where did factories start, and where/how did the factory system spread?
What was the “2nd Industrial Revolution?” How did the Industrial Revolution affect the role of science in larger society?
How did the Industrial Revolution influence world trade overall?
What raw materials were commonly exported to industrialized areas?
As industrial production rose, what type(s) of production declined?
What “new” markets did industrialized states look for/create for their exports?
What role did monetary and precious metals play in the Industrial Revolution?
How did the Industrial Revolution affect the scale of businesses and overall economic activity?
How did intellectuals explain, & industrialists legitimize the economic changes of the Industrial Rev?
What financial institutions facilitated industrial production?
What were the important developments in transportation during the Ind. Rev?
What were the (categories of) responses to the Industrial Revolution?
How did workers respond to the Ind. Rev., and how did their vision of society compare to industrialists’?
How did governments respond to the tremendous economic changes of the Industrial Revolution?
How and why did some governments reform their practices because of the Industrial Revolution?
How did the Industrial Revolution affect social and demographic characteristics?
What socio-economic classes changes developed?
How did the Industrial Revolution affect family relationships, gender roles, and society’s overall demographic composition?
What opportunities and challenges to “communities” developed because of the Industrial Revolution?

Key Concept 5.2 Imperialism and Nation-State Formation
What are the similarities & differences between colonialism and imperialism? How did imperialism affect Europe’s influence around the world?
Which area(s) of the world became imperial powers, and why did they imperialize while other areas did not?
Which states increased their influence and control over their pre-existing colonies, and which saw their influence decrease?
What methods and tactics did industrialized states use to establish and expand their empires?
How did imperialism help, hurt, or change various states?
How did anti-imperialism