Kill and Rosie Essay

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Rosie: When I was a puppy is was playing by my favorite willow tree .when a outcasted cougar attack me.She was about to kill me but then a brave young dog named Jordan save me by killing the cougar. At the time I didn’t realize that would spark a wonderful lifetime of friendship. WE grew up together and watch are world change wars broke out and our country broke apart
Of course tragedy struck we were five when my mother was kidnapped by rebels. After that my father was so angry with rebels he became the leader of our clan .He devoted his life to protecting the one thing he loved that was

Awesome intro music

( Jordan walking through woods )
Jordan: Rosie I’m here
( twigs snap)
Jordan: Rosie is that you
Jordan: Rosie come on you know I hate when we play this game
Rosie: Shh that’s not me making that nosie im up in the tree and If I were you I be up in the tree too
Guard: Stay right there young man and show me your I.D.
Jordan: my id right one second
Guard: Anytime now sonny
(Gun shots are heard Guards fall down Rosie jumps down from tree)
Rosie: Jordan!!!!!! Where are you are you okay
Jordan: RRossiee rrun goo ggget yyourr fffather
Rosie: No Jordan baby don’t leave me not now
Jordan: Rosie yyou have to goo it’s my time to go not yours
(Jordan dies)
Rosie: iii Love you
R guard: Stop right there young lady and put your hands up
Rosie: please don’t kill me iimm the…
Rebel: get up off those pretty little feet of yours you’re going to see the leader of rebels

(Later after journey)

R Guard: get in the carriage for the ruler wait to see you missy
Rosie: why dose he wait for a formal like me
Rebel: just shut that pretty little mouth of yours
Rosie: I’m sorry I was just wondering
Rebel: no I’m sorry dearie I’m just on edge
Rosie: Why are you on edge and why are you being nice to me
Rebel: well its complicated you find out at the castle
Rebel: the leader will clear things up for you
(At place for the night)
R Guard: we’ll just rest here for the night
Rosie: that’s fine but I’m sleeping in the cartridge and your sleeping outside on the ground like the horse is
R Guard: fine with me my lady
(Next day)
Katie: tweet, Tweet lalalalalalalala
R Guard: what was that , Rosie is that you???
Rosie: Nnoo I’ve been sleeping you know that
Katie: oh hello traveler didn’t me to fight ya
Rosie: guard guy who is that
(Rosie walks over to see whose talking)
Katie: It’s you the legend is true I can’t believe it oh the ruler must hear of this at once
R guard: no little birdie she doesn’t know and she must not know from us but from the ruler Himself
Katie: Herself you know
R guard: no it’s a guy I’m his guard
Katie: that’s her cover-up to protect her I should know I’m her messenger bird
Rosie: what I’m sooo confused right now????
R GUARD: Let’s just go back to sleep it 2:00 in the morning

R Guard: Wake up rosie Rosie ROSIE!!!!!where are you
(laughing in the