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Exploration Proposal
After already completing an exploration on the way I hope to look into and express corruption in several fields of the world we live in, I have decided that I would find it much more interesting to explore how different the world would be if the way we lived and our expectations of what was happening around us were different. For example what would the world be like if humans weren’t the most powerful force, but flies and other insects were instead or what if we lived in a world where drugs where openly supported and good for your mind and body.
This also means portraying the world in the eyes of other animals and insects. They may believe, just as humans do that they are in fact on top and ruling the world. For example there are many more ants on this earth than human, surviving in many more continents and different conditions, this may lead them to see themselves being a superior race in the world. Animals such as mouses might envision and imagining a world where they are chasing instead of being chased.
I have always found this interesting and this kind of world could be completely different but without anyone even realising, because it would have been the way it has always been. These thoughts and imaginations make up large percentages of both my waking and sleeping dreams, which has lead me to this interest of exploring this area.
I may be able to explore this concept by portraying the world through the eyes of other animals and insects as well as inanimate objects.
Although I never heard of other artist that have explored this theme, so I began to research to find different types of cartoonish feeling animals as well as objects that could be included. These include certain animals and insects such as ants, dolphins and other. Other objects include, couches, household products and advertising billboards.
I hope to use a number of medians including, this will include spray paint with normal water based paint with paint brushes. The spray paint will be used to create the background or to give colour to large areas of my pieces. For the detailed area there will be fine liners in use along with smaller paint brushes for the detail. If possible I would also like to explore using air brushes to depict shading and finer details of the subject matter as well as to fade colours.
After looking through different aerosol artists and their work extensively, I have been able to acquire a range of inspirations to show off the way the artists used their spray cans and their control over the can in certain ways to add a 3D