King Jewels: Ethical Leadership in Practice Essay

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Assignment #4 : King Jewels : Ethical Leadership in Practice

Discuss how the leadership style may have contributed to unethical behavior.

In the world of greed, I think people tend to forget what the words leadership mean. Leadership means being a good role model for your peers, being able to guide, lead and direct them in the right direction. In the case of King Jewels Clement Tam failed to do so because he let his power take over he responsibility to be a great leader for the company. King Jewels was just a mom and pop jewel store owned by Andy Wong and his wife for 20 years during the 1985. The business later expanded from Hong Kong to China in the 1990’s. Sells had been booming in the last ten years. According to Mr.
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Discuss how the culture may have influenced the employee’s attitude towards exposing Tam. In the Chinese culture in many ways the family unit takes precedence over its individual members. Children must learn not to answer back to their parents or other elders. It is assumed that the family as a whole will thrive and prosper if harmony prevails at home.
In other words the basic rules of obedience, moderation and self-restraint amongst family members should be observed Chinese Values). In most cultures children are taught not to disrespect parents or elderly people. In Chinese culture they are very family oriented they believe in sticking together like most cultures do. But other cultures only believe in lokking out

for self and not as a whole. Once one person get little bit of power they low down on others instead of having the next person out to get were they are.

In other words the the employees could have been teenagers working part-time making the jewelry and because respecting parents and elderly is real big in the Chinese culture; they may been afraid to tell on Tam. It seems like in the Chinese culture if you put your family to shame then you will be punished for behavior.

How would you recommend Wai Man proceed? I recommend that she do further investigation on her brother and uncle. Once, she has enough evdience she take the evidence to Mr. Wong. From there Mr.