King Lear Essay

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1st Character – King Lear

• He wants to be treated as the king but doesn’t want to do his duties as a king anymore.
• “Which of you shall we say doth love us most?” – he presumes Cordellia will “please” him and say she loves him more than her sisters.
• Lear becomes mad, as the story develops.
• He is 1
• He becomes insane
• He is stubborn, like a child
• He does have better standards though.
• He understands that he is weak; he realizes he is very small in the world and becomes humbled.
• He realizes that his daughters love shouldn’t only love him.
• He comes to love Cordelia and he hates his two lying, backstabbing daughters
• Protagonist

2nd Character- Edmund
• One of the bad guys in the plot (a villain).
• There is more to him than the eye can see, he is a very odd and complex character
• He is a great planner and he is the ultimate opportunist.
• Does anything to achieve his ambition
• He wants power and land
• He doesn’t want to be called bastard anymore
• It looked like he had no weaknessg
• During the end of play he showed weakness, and a change of heart
• He despised his villainous acts
• H doesn’t abide by the law
• Doesn’t show any emotion when he killed Cordellia (cold-hearted)
• You could say the reason he did all these is because he doesn’t want to be titled, “Edmund, The Bastard”.

3rd Character - Goneril
• In the beginning they actually seem to be worried about Lear
• When Lear goes to live with Goneril he and his