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Introduction: In the book Kingpin, Kevin Poulsen tells a story about a boy who becomes interested in computers as a child and turns to the dark side of the hacking world as he grows up. As I read, I observed that Max possesses more than just one of the criminological theories. But the one I found most important is Social Control Theory. Max loses important social bonds early in his life with his parents, friends, and his significant other, which causes him to breakdown and turn to criminal acts.
“The divorce devastated the teenager and seemed to reduce him to two modes of operation: relaxed and full-bore insane” (Poulsen 2). Max immediately turned to criminal behaviors as a resolution to this conflict. With the absence of social bonds with his parents, Max had no one to guide him from right and wrong. His parents were his most important social ties. Max’s criminal outbursts started with exceeding the speed limit but gradually become more serious.
After the divorce, his friends began avoiding him and lying to him. Max’s friends knew that his behaviors were becoming impetuous. Max was expelled from school, sent to live with his dad, and put on probation leaving him with no friends or relationships, breaking the socialization process. All he had left was the relationships he had built with people online.
Max’s Girlfriend Amy broke up with him. Max was losing all of his social relationships and to cope with this Max turned to violence. He threatened her and choked her. Max was persecuted and sent to