Essay about Korean American Dignity

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I can be the first Korean-American Female president of the United States of America, I can find the cure the cancer, I can find world peace and I can be what I set out to be without letting any structural factors make an impact on what I do. I believe that whatever I do, I will do it with passion or not at all. When I say that I’ll change the world, even if they are small changes, to others it could mean a lot; changing one life at a time. I can confidently say, that everyone to his or her own struggles, that I have overcame mine and am finding my path in life. Through Min Zhou’s theory of “segmented assimilation,” I could easily fall under the assimilation of permanent poverty because I lack networking, socioeconomics, status, and was not given the advantages that other children were blessed with. However, instead of sulking on what I don’t have as just another Korean American struggling, I will not use this as an excuse; I won’t let luck determine my limits. As a Korean American, I can live with dignity by disregarding the false definition of how Koreans are perceived in America, having unconditional love for my country’s history and perseverance, and humbly recognizing that my culture should never be a justification for any of my actions.
I never understood how difficult it was to come to America and how privileged I am to be born and raised in America with granted citizenship. Despite being American, someone always asks me, “What country are you from?” while they won’t ask someone that is white even if they’re from Europe. I proudly tell them, I am from Korea, the home of the Korean BBQ they love so much and the music that is played internationally, even in American radio broadcast. Many Americans are using phones and cars made in Korea as well. Korea has made ample appalling accomplishments. Surviving under those circumstances in which Koreans had gone through is a major achievement. Currently, Korea is more advanced in education and technology. At one point, South Koreans had the highest IQs in the world. Korea has developed through history and began to modernize starting the mid 1900’s. In only a little over half a decade, Korea has reached to the point that is now in which took Europeans countries and USA centuries to do. Koreans pride themselves upon excellence and perfection execution. As ambitious as the people are, Koreans have great pride in their nation, bringing the nation in terms of economics and international prominence. Korean Politicians have more difficulty being corrupt as the Koreans are well educated and well versed in politics as well as the news concerning the nation and it’s surroundings. Protests against political policies occur often and on scales that could even be compared to the March on Washington. Koreans are capable in multitudes of areas as the music, food, culture, language, architectural designs, automobiles, and technology continues to take hold internationally. As a Korean American, there is much to be proud of despite any mistreatments based on my race and I have to remind myself that there is much that Americans can give and take from the Korean culture. Many minorities are neglected and harassed by race-based hate crimes. Racism has always been an issue as we can clearly refer back to the Latasha vs. Harlin’s Case, which contributed in triggering riots in LA. It’s the cycle of hate and everyone becomes prideful to who they are. This is not dignity, but vanity, thinking that they’re better than everyone else as they were even labeled “developed people” closer to that of a white person except we just look too different. My grandmother who raised me who passed away recently always told me even though I have nothing, I can still make myself into someone through my own strength. She told me to prove to everyone who ever doubted me that they were wrong and make myself into someone everyone will respect, no matter what I look like or where I come from. I can either let my culture…