Krispy Kreme Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketing plan

Company: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.

Products: Doughnuts, coffee beverages.

Country: America


Table of contents

1. Executive summary

2. Situation analysis

1. Background of Krispy Kreme and products

2. Product offering

3. Market summary

1. Target market

2. Market demographics

3. Market needs

4. Market trends

5. Market growth

4. Competition

5. SWOT analysis

6. Critical issues

3. Marketing strategy

1. Missions

2. Marketing
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Moreover, in their local manufacturers, doughnuts are produced for wholesale sectors.

- Their primary and also famous product is “Hot-Fresh Glazed” doughnut.

- Additionally, there are more than 20 categories of glazed doughnuts.

- Monthly, “doughnut of the month” is offered for a limited time only.

In the near future, they have a plan to equip doughnut warming equipments in all kiosk and satellite locations. Accordingly, the “fresh hot” doughnut can be recreated without doughnut making machines inside the stores.

2.3. Market summary

Krispy Kreme possesses excellent information about the market and understands a great deal about the common attributes of the most-prized customers. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, what their specific needs are and how Krispy Kreme can better communicate with them.

2.3.1 Target market

In case of Krispy Kreme’s business strategy, there is no limitation to any particular target market. People, regardless of different ages, ethnicity and income, are welcomed to enjoy Krispy Kreme. However, three main groups, which include middle class people, families with kids and working professionals, can be three target markets of Krispy Kreme. This is because these groups consume the majority of Krispy Kreme’s products.

Table 1: Krispy Kreme’s target markets.


2.3.2 Market