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Business Letters

A business letter is made up of six different parts: the heading, the inside address, the salutation, the body, the closing, and the signature. There are two styles of a business letter: full block style and modified block style. The placement of the parts is different depending on the style. We are going to use a full block style letter.

1. Heading
The heading includes the sender’s full address and the full date. The heading is placed about an inch from the top of the page and at the left hand margin.

2. Inside address
The inside address is placed at the left hand margin, four to seven spaces below the heading. It should include the name and complete address of the person or company to whom you are writing. Place a person’s title after his or her name. Separate the name and the title with a comma. If the title is two or more words, place the title on the next line.
3. Salutation
This is placed two spaces below the inside address. For a company, group, or organization use the salutation, “Dear (Company or Group Name).” For a specific person use “Dear Ms…” or “Dear Mr….” If you know only the person’s title, use the title: “Dear Managing Editor,” “Dear Personnel Supervisor,” and so on. Place a colon at the end of the salutation. For example, use “Dear Mr. Peterson:” as the salutation to a man with the last name of Peterson.

4. Body
The body should be placed two lines below the salutation. The information should be written clearly and briefly. Double-space between each paragraph. Do not indent the first line of each paragraph.

5. Closing
The closing is placed two spaces below the body. For a business letter, use closings like, “Sincerely” or “Yours truly.” Place a comma at the end of the closing. The closing is placed at the left margin.

6. Signature
End your letter by signing your name below the closing. If you are typing, skip four lines and type your full name. Then, after printing your letter, write your signature between the closing and your typed name.

Block Style Business Letter Format
Your Address

Today’s Date

Recipient Name, Recipient’s Title
Company Name
Recipient’s Address

Dear Recipient:

This is the body of the letter. Be sure to use professional language and correct grammar. Write honestly, but try to be formal. Follow your topic, and try to keep your paragraphs short. And ALWAYS proofread your letter before sending it.