Labour Relation Essay examples

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Case Scenario Written by Charles Purchase, Seneca College
Phil Stone has been a union organizer for 15 years. He recently targeted a firm in the garment industry. Up to this point he has had informal discussions with a few of the company’s four hundred employees so that he can get a better feel for the chances of succeeding in the organizing drive. Phil is aware that he does not face a ‘slam dunk’ in this situation and his prediction is that the certification vote could be very close. He is aware that launching a full organizing campaign is an expensive proposition for the union, in time as well as resources, and his personal reputation as a successful organizer is at stake.
That being said, the union needs additional members as
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If an employer decides to use legal means such as forming a employee representative (a joint committee) or matching rates of pay that a union may offer; it is Phil’s opportunity to show and convince the employees with facts that in the long term this will only benefit the employer as that committee will belong to the Company and not them.
Phil should also ensure that the women who are relatively new to Canada are well informed of the benefits that having a union would bring to their work life. Educating himself on the Company's demographic, i.e. the age of the working population within the company is a very important factor and one which in its self almost guarantees his success. Younger workers are often harder to convince as they do not have the years of experience working and knowledge that a older worker will have. It will be Phil’s job to ensure that they are aware of the benefits that the union will bring for example, improving the conditions of the workplace and providing a median ground between them and the employer and an alternative that may make the difference between getting fired and keeping their job. In essence for Phil to be successful he has to be very knowledgeable of the Company he is entering and ensure that the employees are well informed of what the union has to offer them; not only in the short term but long term also.