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Union 4 – Spokesperson Amber Grosse
The negotiation will discuss several of the important issues that our union employees are concerned about:
This brief will focus on the contract agreement discussing rate of wages, the vacation leaves, sexual harassment policy, and vacation pay.
A new contract agreement is what we want to discuss because of the fact that our members feel that three years is too long to be in a contract.
The employees haven’t received any wage increase in the past three years. And most employees consider wages to be one of the most important issues at a workplace that is why it is our number one choice to be discussed in the negotiation.
The third issue we are going to address in the negotiation are vacation leaves. Employees want their vacation days of a specific year if not used to be transferred to the next years vacation leave balance.
Along with vacation leaves, we will be negotiating vacation pay, because we feel that employees should have that right to have a paid vacation based on the continuous work they put into Rockin’ Rocking Chairs daily.
A sexual harassment clause is something that is wanted by the employees specially to protect the women in the workplace.

Item 1 – Contract Agreement
Effective November 18, 2014 we would like to change the contract from every three years to every year, we believe that a three year contract is way too long, we would be willing to settle on a contract to be every two years.
Item 2 - Rates of Pay
Effective November 18, 2014 we would like all employees shall receive an eleven percent increase. We are willing to negotiate wage increase between five to seven percent increase in their weekly pay; no such increase shall be less than five percent, seven percent we feel is our goal wage increase.
Item 3 – Sexual Harassment
Defined as:
Unwanted attention of sexual oriented nature; or
Implied or expressed promise of reward for complying with a sexual oriented request; or
Implied or expressed threat of reprisal, actual reprisal r the denial of opportunity for the refusal to comply with a sexually oriented request; or
Sexually oriented remarks or behaviour which may reasonably by perceived to create a negative working environment.

Item 4 – Vacation Leave
Effective November 18, 2014 we believe that all of our employees should they choose, should have the right to carry it over into the New Year. We believe that they do not need to use their vacation time all at once in one year, and we do not feel that it is fair for employees to lose their vacation in the New Year just because they choose not to use it.
Item 5 - Vacation Pay
Affective November 18, 2014 we would like to request that a vacation pay be allotted to all members both old and new. With various percentages depending on how long they have been with Rockin’ Rocking Chair Company. This pay will coincide and be distributed with the regular pay every two weeks.

Our Negotiation Strategies:
Our basic strategies come from personal experiences and issues that we have dealt with in our union. Our strategy in terms of negotiating consists of explaining our story so that management gets a better understanding of why we feel these issues are important.
We will insure that we are respectful towards the other teams and towards the management team; we do not plan to argue, but to debate in a respectful manner.
We will settle for what we believe is reasonable, if we are sure what we are asking for is unreasonable we will not continue to argue.
We will not agree to a deal unless we all agree, our spokesperson will make sure to consult with her team before making any forms of agreements. The spokesperson will insure that our goals and the management’s needs are on the same page.
We will listen to everyone very