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Through the Eyes of a Killer Who doesn’t love a good play about corruption and greed? Shakespeare is the king of tragedy in the theatre. He takes extraordinary situations and puts characters in them. From love stories to tragedies, Shakespeare is one of the most well-known play writers. His Macbeth is no different. In this essay there will be explanations of the hallucinations, and the meanings behind them; how they change the characters and bring out their dark side. First, a brief introduction to what a hallucination is. A hallucination is where a character or persons eyes deceive them. They see something that is not actually there. Hallucinations happen in real life, and make a great way to show characters insanity. They can keep a reader guessing and thinking. In Macbeth, it is only through Macbeth and Lady Macbeths guilt and foreshadowing that they see these mirages. Macbeth’s first hallucination comes when he is about to kill Duncan. He sees a dagger floating in the air. The dagger is covered with blood and pointing towards the king’s chamber. The dagger represents the cruel and deadly path Macbeth is about to take. This is an example of foreshadowing. Shakespeare shows many examples of foreshadowing in this piece and many of his other pieces. It gives readers, or viewers, excitement to keep reading or watching. Next there is the hallucination of Banquo’s ghost. Macbeth sees him sitting in a chair at a feast. This hallucination eats away at his thoughts, reminding him of his horrific murder of a former friend. It shows the audience that through great power there is terrifying consequences for Macbeth. This is another example of Shakespeare’s tragic and mischief side. The example makes the viewers see the other side of royalty; away from all the glamour and riches. Corruption is the only way to sum up this hallucination. The last hallucination to explain is that of Lady Macbeth. It is hard to tell is the vision is real or hallucinatory. Either way, we see her encounter sleepwalking. This is something rather unexpected from Lady Macbeth. She believes that her hands are stained with blood that cannot be washed off by water. Both Macbeths see them as supernatural signs of guilt. Through all of these hallucinations every one points to horrific occurrences, whether pointing or reminiscing to them. The play, Macbeth in general, is an exciting piece of the cruelty and greed of mankind. People on a power