Lady Macbeth Essay

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Character Sketch Lady Macbeth is a very ambitious and power hungry woman. She is very ruthless and manipulative in her quest to become Queen. She is a fundamental part of this murderous and dark plot. In Macbeth, Lady Macbeth has very few physical characteristics. It does not say what specific clothing Lady Macbeth is wearing, but she is often shown wearing a long cotton or silk dress. It is assumed she is a beautiful woman. Her mannerisms were acknowledge in Act I, Scene VII, when Duncan addressed her as a “fair and noble hostess”. Based off of the text in Macbeth, you can conclude that Lady Macbeth does not hold in her emotions well, which mostly likely means her facial expressions make it very difficult to cover up her true feelings. In Act I, Scene VII, we read how Lady Macbeth gets upset with her husband Macbeth. In this specific part of the play, we can conclude that Lady Macbeth knows how to get what she wants when talking to her husband. Macbeth was very uncertain about murdering Duncan, but Lady Macbeth seemed to convince him with her, seemingly good intentions. Her interaction with Macbeth can be described as sexual tension. In the play, you can see how she really convinced Macbeth everything would be okay if he killed Duncan, by kissing Macbeth and showing him lots of affection. Lady Macbeth’s most important relationship is with her husband, Macbeth. She believes that Duncan, the current king, is not worthy of being king unlike her husband. This is why she tries and